The Naughtys™ - Firewheel Indian Blanket Wildflower on Barbed Wire Stem

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These beautiful Barbed Wire Blossoms are carefully hand sculpted with a blend of polymer clay.  They may look delicate but instead are quite sturdy.  The barbed wire gives them a nice rustic touch.  Many of the barbed wires that I use are quite old.


Being from Texas I feel like they are "Texas" wildflowers.  But many are state flowers from around the good ole USA.  Each one of these bright, colorful blossoms are hand crafted.  There will never be two alike.  I NEVER use a mold.  Expect variances.  Commissions are considered and welcomed!


Give a beautiful rose to a beloved one, daisies to a best friend, or place a full Spring bouquet to chase winter from your home.  These beauties will never fade or die.  The best gift you will ever give or received!


I must tell you this story.  The first thing people would do when they picked one of my flowers was to smell it, knowing that it was not real!   Sooooo, I decided to add a few drops of scented oil.  And to the admirer's surprise it smelled like a real flower!  Who needs potpourri?!   I have also fooled quite a few bees and butterflies in outdoor art venues.  


You will receive one (1) handmade sculpted Firewheel Indian Blanket wildflower on a barbed wire stem.  Measures 10"-12" tall.  Swish in warm soapy water and air dry to clean.  Copyright 1995

*Containers shown in photos are not included

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