The Naughtys™ - Buck Naked the Naughty Reindeer (Christmas Tree Ornament)

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Buck Naked, The Naughty Reindeer


Y'all meet Buck Naked, the Naughty Reindeer 

Now let me tell ya a little story about my friend Buck. He's was a young buck, first year out as an adult. No more childish reindeer games for him! Buck tried real hard to be mature and make friends with the other adult reindeer but he was always a bit different than most reindeer, what with his red nose and general silly attitude. He tried and tried but just couldn’t make friends and didn't feel like he fit in anywhere.
One night, alone and depressed, Buck found Santa's stash of special eggnog and helped himself. Hours later, full of liquid courage, Buck got a pair of bright red lips tattooed upon his rear. He declared that from that day forward he would make his own choices and live his own way and if anyone didn’t like it, well then, they could kiss his ass!


Buck left the North Pole soon after that. He traveled the world doing as he pleased and made plenty of friends that loved having him visit their homes year after year. We hang these figurines in memory of him and the lessons he has taught us.


Buck is now living the good life down in Louisiana with his good friend Tom. He still visits friends around the world but says he enjoys the food and laid back lifestyle of Louisiana the most. He finally fits in.
The Naughtys™ are comical and unique ornaments that are hand sculpted from polymer clay. No molds are used. Approximately 2 1/2" tall and 2 1/2" long.  Comes with a red or green wreath.  Perfect for gift exchanges, white elephant parties, package decorations, neighbors, friends or anyone with a sense of humor! 


 As with any handmade item there will be slight differences and imperfections.

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